[Uiiverse Code of Conduct

The Uiiverse Code of Conduct is our set of rules to keep our users safe online.

Don't give out any Private information

We want Uiiverse to be a fun place for people to talk about their favorate games, and it doesn't matter if it's your information or another person's information, be considerate to others.

Don't make inappropiate posts.

Don't make any posts that might offend others and make others feel uneasy. or you might get your account removed. This includes NSFW content, all of the staff are minors, please respect them.

Don't be a Spoiler.

Sometimes people come to Uiiverse for tips or tricks on games and most of the time, they don't look for spoilers on a game. Don't make posts of games with spoilers until we can add a option to hide spoilers.

Be respectful to others.

Uiiverse is a place for people to talk about their favorate games and make friends. Be respectful to every user who uses Uiiverse, from user to admin.

For Users Aged 12 and Under.

This website respects COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), so for the protection of younger users, we will not allow direct messaging for their accounts, We encourage that you use a different service such as Skype or Discord to DM others. We also don't recommend that you share your Nintendo Switch, Wii *, and 3DS friend codes with others, doing so will remove your post from the website.

Code of Conduct Violations

Our goal is to keep Uiiverse fun and enjoyable for everyone. In the event that someone violates the Uiiverse Code of Conduct, we will take appropriate action, up to and including blocking the offending user or console.

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