This website uses some of Pearl and Cedar code. Please support the original developer.

New Super Luigi U


01/05/2019 6:10 PM·Spoilers

funny bone i swear to fuck if you dont give credit to cedar i will shut this site down just like i did every other clone that stole from me



  • Look. We gave you credit at first, but people complained that we didn't give credits to Pearl. Then you complain that we don't give credits to Cedar. Also, if you are planning to do a DDoS, you won't be able to thanks to CloudFlare. So yup. Sorry bud.

  • Doesn't everyone pretty much know you made it

  • Why don't you just credit Cedar AND Pearl?? If you don't give credit I wont need to ddos you, I own the code this site uses so I could take it down just by contacting your host.

  • why dont you stop talking here and talk to me on discord...

  • and i did add credit


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