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2018/08/31: Uiiverse Announcement Service

Sorry for no progress/news for awhile. I am having an issue making the Uiiverse Info Channel, as I said before, it bannerbricks everytime you launch it. What I am doing is creating a mini service (Only for Wii Users) called the Uiiverse Announcement Service. This service allows you to receive announcements on the Wii Message Board! This service requires a homebrewed Wii, and the RSSMii app downloaded, as well as a feed.xml file that contains the URL for Uiiverse (if you find a link that says Wiiverse, I am reusing the old RSS service that Wiiverse once had). There is an issue that I could probably fix in the future where a link is displayed in the message to a Blog post. This is an issue with the way Wix handles RSS, as they remade the blog service, rendering the RSS feature unusable (and yes the link redirects you to Wiiverse. Ignore it.) If you have any suggestions with the service, DM me and I might add it. As of right now, the service is currently closed, meaning no one from the public view is able to download this. I am currently testing out some features that could make it in. Once I am done, I will host the files needed on the Uiiverse website. Hope you guys enjoy this. (P.S: This service requires RiiConnect24, as the RSSMii service requires the WiiConnect24 Standby Connection feature to check for new posts. Check rc24.xyz for more information on how to get it.)

2018/08/19: Donations

Hey everyone! FunnyBone here. I have some news with the Uiiverse website. You can now support us by donating! To donate, go to the bottom of the screen, then click the donate button.

2018/08/04: Uiiverse Redesign

Hey guys! meltstrap here. I'm doing some changes to the [Uiiverse website. Also, welcome FunnyBone to the Uiiverse staff. He'll be helping with the service.


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